The 5 best burgers in Amsterdam

Who doesn’t love a juicy burger once in a while? (or a bit more often that)

And while we all enjoy our occasional guilty pleasure at the ‘yellow arches’ or the ‘head of the constitutional monarchy of burgers’, nothing beats a premium quality grill burger.

Whether you are an Amsterdam resident or just visiting, these are the places to caress your hangover: The 5 best burgers in Amsterdam!


1) The Butcher

Situated tucked away behind the market stands on the famous Albert Cuypstraat in De Pijp, this place is a hidden gem for fire grilled premium beefburgers. The place looks stylish and authentic at the same time and so offers a relaxed retreat from the crowded street. Their cool-named burgers like ‘The daddy’ ‘The Ugly’ and ‘Silence of the Lamb’ are all top-notch. Prices aren’t cheap, starting from E8,95, but well worth it.

2) Burgerlijk Amsterdams

This cool little burger bar in the boutique 9-streets area offers the choice between a beef burger, a chicken burger and a veggie burger, which you can built up from scratch in 5 simple steps. Starting at E5,50 from the basis, these home-made burgers are fair priced and utterly delicious. One small negative is that they take a while to cook, but the Runstraat is by far not the worst place to wait :)

3) The Beef Chief

This travelling burger van sells kick-ass burgers, inspired by the tastiest burger joint in Berlin ‘The Bird’. From their vintage blue Citroen van, till their juicy burgers from minded meat of local farmers, everything is just perfectly done. Check their website or facebook page for their locations agenda.

4) De Biertuin

I have to admit in all honesty that A) I have never left this place off my feet drunk and B) also favor these burgers because of the share dish you can get them on: The Carnivore! For only E17,95 you get served a roasted chicken, a Pulled Pork Burger, french fries, a jacket potato and one hell of a juicy burger! Sitting at this German beer-garden like picnic tables, you’ll soon see yourself turn into a boozing and feeding homo sapien. Love it.

5) Cannibale Royale

This quite recently opened meat bar promises right what it is: “Forget all hypes about haute cuisine for a minute, it’s time to enjoy everything that is tasteful, rich in flavour and is just simply good”. And that’s damn right. You’ll see the places fully stacked with groups of people having beer, burgers and laughs. Great place to hang out and very centrally located near the Kalverstraat. Definitaly try their ‘Le Cannibale Royale’, which offers a 250gr burger with roasted pulled pork on top. Yum!

The Beef Chief - The 5 best burgers in Amsterdam

The Beef Chief

Burgerlijk Amsterdam - The 5 best burgers in Amsterdam

Burgerlijk Amsterdam

Cannibale Royale - The 5 best burgers in Amsterdam

Cannibale Royale

De Biertuin - The 5 best burgers in Amsterdam

De Biertuin

The Butcher - The 5 best burgers in Amsterdam

The Butcher









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