Affordable industrial furniture

As you might know by now, I got a thing for vintage / retro / industrial furniture. I don’t know if it’s the fact this stuff has had a previous life before, that it offers a raw and used look or that it is often made for sturdy, durable materials, but they are just damn cool.

Often, the biggest problem with this kind of furniture is the fact that it is overpriced. With all do respect for eye-candy projects like The Loft Amsterdam, I’m just not going to pay E1200,- for a freaking desk lamp or E3500,- for a wooden bench. Owner Rick from Brût Amsterdam noticed this as well. 2,5 years ago he quit his boring desk job (his words) and started driving through Europe with nothing more than a blue van and an eye for cool things. The result is a very masculine and raw vintage furniture store with prices that don’t have you raising your eyebrows like most shops.

In his small store on de Witte de Withstraat 126 (the one in Amsterdam, please don’t drive all the way to the eponymous street in Rotterdam), Rick repares and renovates the furniture, lighting and accessories that he harvests in old factories and offices throughout Europe. Unlike most furniture stores, this one just breathes unpretentiousness and love for unspoiled vintage. Most things just were made useable and durable, but kept their spots, scratches and rusty parts like you found the very treasure yourself.

The shop is opened every saturday from 11 am till 5 pm and opens up on appointment on any other day for enthusiasts. If you like to explore most of the collection on forehand, you can also visit his webshop and even buy your favorite piece straight away. Furniture shopping has never been more fun for us men.


NOTE: You can also find a nice collection of the Brût materials in Gekaapt, the new multi-brand hotspot on the Bilderdijkstraat!


Brût Amsterdam

Witte de Withstraat 126

1057 Amsterdam

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