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Youtube dj sunday

Kurt Cobain MTV unplugged

Sometimes you just shouldn’t get off the couch and enjoy the fun of being your own youtube dj…   Nirvana – Where did you sleep last night (MTV Unplugged) Editors – No sound but...


Got to love those series

Favorite series-02

Series have been taking over Hollywood for years. Where the movie industry used to look down on the world of TV, we have seen the biggest actors making the switch from the big screen...




What is better to look forward to than 4 days of partying, drinking, chilling and listening to the best artists in the world? From the many festivals to choose from there is actually only...


Irish indie soul

Andrew Hozier-Byrne

Often I have discussions with friends whether we prefer male or female singers to listen to (let there be no discussion about the preference in viewing pleasure). We always conclude male singers more often...


Prince reborn in a Rebel

  • jett-rebel
  • jett-rebel-2014
  • Jett-Rebel-Hits-for-Kids
  • jett-rebel-voelt-zich-soms-superheld-e1414782372484

Only now and then certain musicians pop up who just have it. Especially rare when he is a born and raised Dutch-man too. Jett Rebel is funky, cool and basically hits every note like...