Crumbling walls, old industrial lamps and vintage looking rugs. Yup, there’s an inevitable trend going on. And let’s be fair.. it does kick ass.

I personally have been hooked on the industrial look since the early adaptors showcased their work. The brilliance of industrial settings is the inexhaustible amount of decorative contradictions you can play with. One of my favourites is creating the tension between old scrappy stuff and classical elements. Although Chesterfield sofa’s and chairs have been existing since the 18th century they somehow seem to stand out, when properly used, in every furniture generation.

Unlike what most people think, Chesterfield is not a registred brand. It’s the name for the English type of furniture, characterized by a recurring diamond pattern in the back and seating with a button on the square of each diamond and nails or buttons on the front of the arm rest. Where you easily pay over E2000,00 for a new Chesterfield sofa or chair, the web is full with companies selling patched-up used occasions, selling from E500,00 and on. Also Marktplaats (NL) offers a nice collection for affordable prices.

So Ikea Ektorp out, vintage Chesterfield in!