Good food can be simple and affordable. On a corner of the Clerqstraat you can find Amsterdam’s new hotspot: Van ‘t Spit.

What they serve? Well chicken. But damn it’s well seasoned. The chicken is 100% animal friendly raised and carries a Dutch passport (Diessen Brabant, to be specific). For only 10 euro you get half a chicken served and to colorfy your plate you can choose from a couple of side-dishes like French fries (which are the best!), grilled corncob, green salad or coleslaw.

Pretty funny: You can follow the chicken live on (which is also a bit morbid, but nevertheless original)

Make sure to give it try. You can not make reservations, but it’s not much of a suffering to enjoy a beer at the bar and gaze at chicks. (had to make that joke)

Van ‘t Spit

De Clerqstraat 95
1053 AH Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 358 3878