Girls sipping from coconuts, guys behind macbooks, laidback music and a stunning interior. There’s a new cool kid in town and he’s called CT Coffee & Coconuts!

Inspired by the Bali surfer life, owner Bastiaan Beijer and his 2 associates, encountered this venue in the beginning of 2014 and straightly fell in love with it. Bastiaan says “the building is a former theater called Ceintuur Theater (hence the ‘CT’ that is preserved in the current name). The high ceilings, location and historical value was the reason we knew from the first moment we needed to have this. Although the other major horeca tycoons in Amsterdam were aiming for it as well, the liked our ideas best.”

And I have to be honest, from my first step in I understand why. The place is bright, warm and has a very natural feel. Next to the (familiar) brick balls the decoration is mainly wood, linen and concrete. “During our conceptual phase we started out with the idea to put the focus on coffee, or Espresso in particular”, Bastiaan continues. “But the more our plans evolved the more we realized this building offers more than just indulging the coffee seekers. We wanted serve the pre-work crowd with proper coffee, the breakfast audience with tasty dishes, the lunch crowd with a variation from healthy salads to cheeseburgers, the dinner to be modest but inviting and the rest of the day a dynamic hotspot for travelers, out-of-home workers and social gatherers”.

So to cut a long story short, this is a spot where you literally could hang out all day. In the 3 hours I spent here I had 6 different neighbors and fell in love with 3 of them. Yes men, this is where they hide them.

When you come here make sure to taste the Harry Nilsson (probably the only fresh coconut shake you can find in Amsterdam) and the New York Deli sandwich. Tasted absolutely awesome. And when you are visiting for some alcohol, give their own brewed beer a try: Dodo. This IPA like specialty beer is damn good.

My new fave hang-out in town. See for yourself!


CT Coffee & Coconuts

Ceintuurbaan 282

1072 GK Amsterdam




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