The experience of people selling their souls for 5 dollar

I rarely write about websites, since I kinda prefer things to be tangible (yup, pretty hypocrite for a blog huh :). But this website strikes me in so many ways, that I just need to post about it.

The website Fiverr poses two immediate questions for its community of users: What would you do for $5 and what do you think your $5 is worth getting?

And the answer is ‘insanely much’. You can choose from over 2,5 million Gigs (Fiverrs name for the micro jobs) from 8 main topics. Whether you need a company logo, like someone to make a video of your favorite fetish, want help on your business plan or just like to see an African dancing around in the jungle with your name on his belly… here it’s all possible.

The founders’ idea came form the realization that there were plenty of people that were willing to work for as little as one cent. But on the other hand that there were also plenty of well paid freelancers, but in between, there is pretty much nothing. When CEO’s Kaufman and Wininger launched the site together in February 2010, the options for users were fairly simple: Offer a service on the site for $5 and see how many people were willing to pay you for it. The self-described “gig” could be as simple as singing someone’s name or something more complicated like helping someone build a new website. Nearly two years later, Fiverr began offering what it calls Gig Extras for its sellers, who can now offer expanded services for buyers who are willing to pay a little extra for the myriad services offered by the site’s independent merchants.

And with this creative look on entrepreneurship 2.0, a new marketplace for both smart business solutions as ludacris gags has risen. When you explore this website it will be hard to deny that often pay way to much for things like an animation, translation or funny birthday message. Because there is basically no reason to not have someone from Brazil, the Philippines or Sri Lanka do it for less than a tenth of the price.

Funny how a simple business idea can make the world a little bit more united.


Some awesome Fiverr inspiration:

Have Hans von puppet promote your brand

Have yourself Simsonized

Have someone in the Jungle of Sri Lanka sing Happy birthday for a close friend

Have your logo displayed on the top of the Mount Everest

Have any text translated from any language to any language you desire



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