Best burgers in town

Best burgers in Amsterdam

The 5 best burgers in Amsterdam Who doesn’t love a juicy burger once in a while? (or a bit more often that) And while we all enjoy our occasional guilty pleasure at the ‘yellow...


The basics are enough..

Basic t-shirt American Apparel-1

Less is more. While you can buy fancy shirts to act like a decent man at work, or get t-shirts with funny prints to humour those around you, a plain t-shirt often does the trick...


Brilliant bubbels

The best Champagnes flat-01

Just a few more hours before we can kiss each other to a wonderful new year and pop those corks! Probably your fridges are already stacked with big-name brands like Moët & Chandon, Piper Heidsieck...


New logo! Awesome :)

Just be Awesome logo 2015 announcement-01

While the blog is now nearly a month old and received over 1000 visitors and 2500 pageviews, it is time to release the logo for 2015! Keep up the awesomeness!


IPA: India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale

I remember when I was in my final year of study, I was assigned to a project for beer brewery giant Inbev. Our task was to come up with creative solutions for the Belgian...


The coolest yacht ever designed


For those that know my style, I’m not always in to modern design. Sure I love my Apple toys and all the other fancy stuff that is making life easier, but when it comes to materials...


NYE in style


Lloyd Acardi is known for its extravant, theatrical parties. Where other events are often theme titled, but don’t have the guts or imagination to pull through, these guys go all the way! After succesfull...


Got to love those series

Favorite series-02

Series have been taking over Hollywood for years. Where the movie industry used to look down on the world of TV, we have seen the biggest actors making the switch from the big screen...