Pintxos y Vinos


I am not always the biggest fan of the Spanish kitchen, as it can have the tendency to be over-garlict and greasy as hell. But sometime you find restaurants that can take a kitchen...


The 3 best gins in the world

3 best gins in the world

I need some fuel to build a fire The girl next door, her lights are out, yeah The landlords gone, I’m down and out Ooh, its cold gin time again Kiss Gin ain’t new...


That shit is loco


What’s better to kick off your shoes, knowing that you can chill the max out of your friday night hangover with pizza on the couch on saturday? Amsterdam offers several fine pizza joints, but...


Christmas joy

Christmas jumper

X-mas is coming. And although it’s a hate it or love it holiday, it’s undeniably a time for joy, warmth and gifts. I remember a few years ago a friend had the guts to show...


Nailed it


Crumbling walls, old industrial lamps and vintage looking rugs. Yup, there’s an inevitable trend going on. And let’s be fair.. it does kick ass. I personally have been hooked on the industrial look since...


Hair hipsters


You see them wherever you look, old-school rockabilly hair cuts. Fortunately you don’t have to be a rebellious hipster with a racing bike and long beard anymore, to get yourself a a proper cut. But...


Darling danke schön


I love the type of bars that feel like a old-school living room. Worn down vintage furniture in an intimate and cosy setting. Basically the kind of place where you come in sober and don’t notice...




What is better to look forward to than 4 days of partying, drinking, chilling and listening to the best artists in the world? From the many festivals to choose from there is actually only...


Irish indie soul

Andrew Hozier-Byrne

Often I have discussions with friends whether we prefer male or female singers to listen to (let there be no discussion about the preference in viewing pleasure). We always conclude male singers more often...