Less is more. While you can buy fancy shirts to act like a decent man at work, or get t-shirts with funny prints to humour those around you, a plain t-shirt often does the trick better than anything else.

One of my favorite places to buy quality t-shirts is American Apparel. Though their advertising and photography may seem a bit quirky (at the least), their plain tees last longer and fit better than many others.

Th good thing is that you can order them online in multi-packs to stock up on different colors. This way you always have the perfect t-shirt for any pair of denim in your closet, or to match any sweater you want to top it with during these winter days.

Buy them online at store.americanapparel 

Or take a walk to:

Westerstraat nr. 59-61
1015LV Amsterdam, Nederland
+31 (0) 20 330 23 91
Utrechtsestraat 85
1017 VK Amsterdam, Nederland
+31 (0) 20 62 46 635