As a big fan of interior design and furniture I like to keep my eyes open for trends and innovations in this industry. Recently I came across a newbie Dutch designer who’s creations I not only fancy to have at home, but who gives a remarkable view on the 2nd life of many products.

Bastiaan Tolhuijs only graduated in 2011 from his studies Industrial Design at the Technical University of Delft, Holland. During his graduation traineeship at metal-fence-giant ‘Heras’, he got shocked by the 1000kg of steel waste that was thrown away on one day. His travels after his graduation taught him how people in less developed country gave ‘garbage’ a 2nd life, by the art of creativity and inventiveness. “Often with little means people re-utilized a product, shape or material, for a totally different meaning than the original, with a simple creativity that we in the western civilization have unlearned to see”. And if you think about it, it’s true. We do throw everything away that has served its purpose it was brought to life for. So what Bastiaan did from that moment is looking at waste products from a totally different angle. Before the waste is recycled, he looks at it and values its 2nd life in shape, material and construction.

One of his first consumer products is called SPOOL. It’s a very cool design lamp made from welding reels, that were originally used for holding welding wire. Bastiaan says “In the steel industry these welding reels are indispensable products, but thrown away as garbage by hundreds a day, each day. I was inspired by the beautiful shape and construction which now is the base for an industrial but very neat design lamp with different options.”

And the same goes for his table called ABLE (what’s in a name). Steel pipes that would normally would be thrown away are being re-used before they would normally be melted down for other purposed. At a prison’s workshop, prisoners welt the steel pipes together in big X-es. From old pallets, wood planks are planed, sanded  and positioned next to each other to form the table top. With an ingenious technique he calls the ‘sandwich method‘, the table top rests on the steel pipes, showing them on the surface.

I think it won’t take long before we are going to see and hear a lot more from this guy and his view on pre-cycling. Awesome!

You can read his story here Tolhuijs – Design with a story and even already buy some of the products. Allegedly the table will soon be on there too! Can’t wait to get it :)



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