What is better to look forward to than 4 days of partying, drinking, chilling and listening to the best artists in the world? From the many festivals to choose from there is actually only one festival that really matters. Sure, I love seeing kids on X at Lowlands and big-bellied menblack t-shirts and boots on Pinkpop, but in all honesty, only one festival gets my goosebumps walking of my arm..

Rock Werchter is one of the biggest and most rewarded rock festivals in Europe and that’s for a reason. Each year they have the best line-up of pop, rock, dance and singer-songwriter artists (and some occasional folk, hip-hop and soul) and the atmosphere is insane. With 80.000 people a day from over 76 countries (!) it’s an international get together like no other.


5 reasons to visit Rock Werchter:

– The biggest and best bands and artists in the world (announced for 2015 so far: Foo fighters, Muse, Pharrell Williams, Florence + Machine and Alt-J. Rumoured: The Who and Robbie Williams!)

– The only festival with a bar and (mens) toilet in the middle of mainstage. Finally not the annoying strawl to the sides.

– From young to old, from hip to punk-rocker, such a divers crowd and during 4 days one big family

– The Belgians know better (yup, it’s a Dutch guy admitting, but they are ahead of us if it concerns music)

– They’ve got the Jupiler stage.. booming models, pumping beats and.. beer.


Ticket sales has started. It doesn’t have that ridiculous sell-out in 2 hours like Lowlands, but with this year’s expected line-up I would not wait till May..

Rock Werchter  25 – 28 June 2015