About 25% of the population has ink on their body. The funny thing, especially when you have a tattoo yourself, is that you generally dislike the majority of other people’s tattoo’s.

And let’s face it, a lot of tattoo’s are indeed tacky, scary, overdone or just plain ugly. But luckily there are also cool ones. And although this is as subjective as it could be, I love oldschool tattoo’s.

One of the most renowned oldschool artists in that genre was Norman Keith Collins, better known as Sailor Jerry. He took a bold line style of tattooing and incorporated what he learned from his correspondences with the Japanese masters, known as Horis. In his Sailor Jerry Tattoo parlor on Hotel Street in Honolulu, he gained great fame and got soon got copied all over the world.

Although the ink master himself passed away in 1973, his tattoo’s are still much alive within the vintage loving crowd.

So if you doubt what to get, check out this man’s style.

If you want to read about him Sailor Jerry Tattoo’s


Sailor Jerry Tattoo



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